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How do I create a Google Docs collaboration as an instructor?

You can start a new collaboration using Google Docs in Canvas. Google Docs allows you to add up to 50 users per collaboration, and all users can view and edit a document at the same time. However, a Google file may be shared with up to 200 email addresses including viewers, commenters, and editors. To alert invitees about collaborations, you can create course events in the Calendar.

Google Docs collaborations are separate from Google Drive collaborations. If your collaboration options include Google Spreadsheets and Presentations in addition to Documents, your course has enabled Google Drive collaborations.


  • This lesson is for creating a collaboration in a course; when collaborations are created in a group, only group members and users with instructor-based roles (including TAs) can be selected as collaborators.
  • Creating a collaboration is a course permission. If you cannot create a collaboration in a course, your institution has restricted this feature.
  • When creating a collaboration you cannot link to a previously created collaboration.
  • Each collaborator will need a Google account and will need to connect Google Drive as a registered service in Canvas.
  • Google Apps for Education (integration with your school) works with Google Docs in Canvas. Please note, if your school email does not allow access to Google Docs, you will need to use a regular Google account (i.e.
  • Email notifications for collaborations relate directly to the account used to connect to Google Drive.
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