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How do I create a conference in a course?

You can create a conference in a course to hold virtual office hours and speakers. Conference invitations are sent out when the conference is created. To alert invitees about upcoming conferences, you can create course events in the Calendar.

Conferences can be created with as many users as needed, though the recommended guideline is a limit of 100 users. You can create multiple conferences, which are listed in chronological order by the date they were created. The most recently created conference will appear at the top of the list.


  • Creating a conference is a course permission. If you cannot create a conference, your institution has restricted this feature.
  • Users invited to a conference will not receive a notification in Canvas. However, depending on the user’s notification settings, they may receive a notification via email and/or push notifications. To notify users of a conference in Canvas, consider adding an announcementassignment, or calendar event.
  • For more information on web conferencing options in Canvas, view Web Conferencing Resources.
  • The Course Navigation link for your web conferencing tool reflects the name of the web conferencing tool. The link may display as BigBlueButton, Adobe Connect, or the name of the web conferencing tool your institution uses.

Note: If your institution is likely to need more than 10 concurrent Conferences powered by BigBlueButton, consider upgrading to Premium BigBlueButton or exploring alternative conferencing solutions Canvas partners with, such as Zoom, Hangouts, Teams, and other video conferencing tools who are offering free or discounted services.

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